A Redesigned Search Experience

February 23rd, 2022 • We've made some really nice user experience improvements to how you find things in Pincone.

A Redesigned Search Experience

When we launched Pincone back in August of 2020, it had a limited set of features, including search. But even back then, the user experience around search was not something to write home about.

Since then, we expanded the functionality of Pincone with feeds, commenting, importing, and auto-labeling. We were looking ahead at the roadmap and there are things down the road that will need search to be more robust and user-friendly. Things like ingesting emails and other types of media. 👀 Taking that into account, we spent some time redesigning the search experience.

We recently shipped the ability to quickly switch between feeds, categories, and labels. It's a nice way to easily make your way through Pincone. When it came time to redesign search, we took some cues from the "Jump" feature. You can now get to the new search box by tapping on Search in the left-hand sidebar or pressing / on your keyboard.

We also redesigned the results page. Before, you would see links from categories at the top and then content from feeds below. The redesigned results page allows you to easily filter between different types of content.

That's it, that's search! We hope this redesign makes it easier to find things in your Pincone. We're very excited because it improves the user experience, cleans up the cluttered interface (especially on mobile), and lays down the groundwork for more improvements down the road. Stay tuned!

You like this, but you have an idea for a new feature? Feel free to send us an email to hey@pincone.com!

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