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🎉 Aug 3, 2020

The big one. This is our first public release and we couldn't be more excited to start sharing Pincone with the world.

  • You can now finally 🔍 search across your Pincone and find links without crawling through each category.
  • Admins can now edit and delete categories.
  • We added a few very useful keyboard shortcuts to Pincone. Like pressing N for new links.
  • The experience when adding a new link has been fully redone and is much, much better.
  • You now get email notifications for common actions such as invites, payments, etc.
  • You can now reset your password if you forgot it.
  • We've slightly refreshed the look-and-feel of our link cards.
  • We hope you never see this, but we've spruced up our error pages.
  • When a site had a favicon that was an SVG file, it broke. It doesn't break any more!
  • We had a tiny little bug with likes that we didn't like, and we fixed it.

Apr 17, 2020

  • We've redesigned the way you switch teams. Everything now lives inside your user dropdown making it easier to browse new content across your teams!
  • The link cards have been refreshed slightly, leading to a more cohesive experience.
  • Our mobile layout has been improved to get rid of a bug that caused the pages to scroll side-to-side.

Apr 8, 2020

  • Users can now delete the links that they have added. Admins can delete all the links, obviously.
  • Sometimes you would try and add a link and it would fail. For a bookmarking service, that is probably not a good thing. It won't happen any more, we promise!

Mar 18, 2020

  • Every user now has access to their Personal Pincone. With Personal Pincones, you can now save and organize your private bookmarks. Enjoy all of the Pincone functionality, but none of the collaboration. Sometimes you just need a little bit of space for yourself.

Mar 7, 2020

  • Added this Changelog page that you're looking at right now. Meta.

Mar 5, 2020

  • In our latest round of bugfixes, we added a bug preventing you from switching between teams. Well, we fixed that as well. Now we're just left wondering what bug we introduced this time.
  • When new links were loaded on the page, you couldn't actually see who liked those links.

Mar 2, 2020

  • Categories are now paginated to improve loading times.
  • The "Popular" category served no real, useful purpose. So it's gone now.
  • Categories are now ordered the same way across all pages.
  • The cards were squeezed together a lot on mobile and tablet sizes, so we gave them some breathing room.
  • The menu drawer now actually opens on iPhone devices. Whoops.

Ancient History

You've reached the end of recorded Pincone deployments. We deployed a lot of things, but just forgot to write down what exactly.