Changes to our pricing model

April 23rd • New plans and exciting updates coming soon!

Changes to our pricing model

Pincone is growing! 🪴

We’re really excited about introducing new features soon, making Pincone your go-to spot for organizing and managing bookmarks, RSS feeds, newsletters, and more. That’s why we’re updating our pricing, to better reflect the value Pincone brings to you. 💛

No worries, there’ll still be a very generous fee tier available! Read all about it below.

Tell me more! 👂

Our pricing will change on April 29th, with two options you can choose from: Acorn and Oak.

New pricing model comparing the free and paid plan.

With Acorn, our default and free subscription, you can:

With Oak, our 30$/year subscription, you can:

If you already use Pincone, check your inbox, we’ve already sent you an email about this. In case it got lost somewhere, please reach out to our team at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

By paying for Pincone, you are supporting a small, independent business, and we’re truly grateful for it! 🫶

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