Collect, save, and organize your content.

Pincone is a fun, well-designed, and easy-to-use bookmarking tool. With Pincone, you can save, organize, find, and content you discover while surfing the Interwebs.

Easily save any website or article.

You’ll stumble upon something while browsing the web. A friend will share something with you. With one click, just add it straight to your Pincone so you don’t lose it.

By yourself. And with others.

Out-of-the-box you have access to your own personal Pincone. A place just for you. Easily create teams and share with others.

Stay in-the-loop with RSS feeds.

Subscribe to everything from breaking news to your favorite authors.

A place for your favorite newsletters.

Get a unique email address for each of your newsletters. They land straight in Pincone.


Leave comments and reply to others on every link shared in Pincone.

Advanced search

Keep track of everything and anything that gets shared across your Pincone.

Browser extensions

Easily add things to Pincone with our browser extensions.

Dark mode

Pincone adjusts to your system settings. Light, dark, however you like it!

Import bookmarks from your browser Label everything and sort into categories
Quick jump to anything in Pincone Mention others on your team AI auto-labeling
Pin categories for easy access

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