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Save links privately, share knowledge with your team.

Pincone is a fun, well-designed, and easy-to-use bookmarking tool. With Pincone, you can save, organize, find, and content you discover while surfing the Interwebs.

Add anything that catches
your eye.

Save links to Pincone by clicking the yellow plus button, in the lower right corner. You can also install our browser extensions and save content without opening the web app.

You can later find the saved content on your Pincone.

Easily find everything
you need.

Create categories and add labels to organize your timeline.

You can search for links, labels, and categories later, using the keywords connected to your link or the labels.

Use the ⚡️Jump option to move around Pincone quickly and jump to any feed, category, label, or team.

Find new reading material.

Pincone can help you discover new and interesting content.

Add an RSS or Atom feed into your Pincone account and get all the revelant information from sites you usually follow!

Share your bookmarks
with others.

You can use Pincone by yourself or create a team. Create shared categories, add bookmarks to a team timeline, and leave likes and comments on links that your teammates share.

All the while, your private Pincone stays intact.

Illustration of links with a lock icon indicating privacy.

Personal Pincone

Every customer has access to their own private Pincone with access to all features. Your personal Pincone is 100% free.

Illustration of three happy faces where each face is a little genderless blob.

Share with Others

Share links with your team members, family or friends. Keep everyone in the loop and on the same page.

Illustration of an RSS feed icon and two comments.


Set up RSS feeds from your favorite sources and Pincone will automatically fetch new content from those feeds.

Illustration of two comment bubbles.


Knowledge sparks conversation! Leave comments and reply to others on every link shared in Pincone.

Illustration of two puzzle pieces.

Browser Extensions

Find something interesting? Add it to Pincone straight from your browser.

Illustration of a browser window with a large download arrow in front.

Import Bookmarks

Easily migrate your existing bookmarks from browsers or other services.

Illustration of a moon and stars on a dark, swirly background.

Dark Mode

Pincone adjusts to your system settings. Light, dark, however you like it!

Illustration of two link cards in front of a folder for organization.

Organize Links

Add links to categories and label them so you can easily reference them later.

Illustration of a magnifier on top of link cards.

Advanced Search

Keep track of everything and anything that gets shared across your Pincone.

You like Pincone, but we seem to be missing a feature that would make you a customer and a loyal fanatic? We’d like to hear from you. Send us an email or tweet at us.

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