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What our customers have to say about Pincone.

Knowledgebases like this are the next big thing. It's a new way to communicate, no need to forward links, just save and the team has access. I love it!

It's an indispensable tool for many of us who just read too dang much.

I'm a tech freak and tool geek, but mainly a Pincone advocate! Great product, amazing support team.

This could definitely help people like me who come across a ton of great content online and want to share them with our team, but the links get lost among a bunch of messages.

Super clean! I use bookmarks heavily and like them to be neat and organized. I never felt the need for an external app but when I came across Pincone, I instinctively felt like trying it out.

I use Pincone almost every day. I can’t decide which feature is my favorite: the ability to share links with my coworkers in one single place, the easy-to-use browser extension, or the fact that I can add my favorite RSS feeds and read all of them without leaving Pincone.

I'm using Pincone as a discovery tool for new resources because it declutters the mess of scrolling through endless RSS feeds, removes the noise, and helps me discover new content tailored for me 😍. Special KUDOS goes to the team building it publicly with a transparent roadmap. I use it every day and will continue to do so.

I love how clean and simple the design is, and it’s a breeze to create categories and tags. It helps me juggle my work, travel, and personal life like a pro!

It quickly became a home for a huge amount of my browsing activities without me even realising it, while the browser extension allows me to stay meticulous as much as I want to be without taking any extra effort on my part. All in all, great product! πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

I just love this product. It really allows me to elegantly offload my thoughts and pick them up at a later time. It also has a great built-in support for shortcuts so I can keep my hands on my keyboard.

Pincone has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, serving as my go-to platform for staying updated on a plethora of topics worldwide. I've gradually introduced it to my family and friends who share my interests, and it's been gaining traction with them too!

I love the idea of decoupling newsletters from my personal inbox.

A game changer as from now on I can unsubscribe my email addresses from newsletters and use Pincone as my go-to tool for newsletter management.

I'm particularly impressed with the option to create unique email addresses for different newsletters. A well-thought-out feature that enhances productivity.

It’s a neat solution to keep all of your email newsletters organized.

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