Edit Links and Import Bookmarks

September 30th, 2020 • Our September release brings you the ability to edit links and import bookmarks from browsers and other services.

Edit Links and Import Bookmarks

✍️ Edit Links

We've heard from a few humans that it's very annoying when they forget to label a link or misspell something when adding a link but can’t edit. This is something we've deprioritized for our initial release, but have now improved. You can edit the title, description, categories, and labels for any link you add. Admins of teams can edit any link on the platform.

Easily edit any link in Pincone.

📥 Import Bookmarks

We understand that you already use either your browser or other services to keep your bookmarks in one place. That's why we've launched the ability to import your bookmarks to Pincone in order to streamline your transition.

Browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other online services usually allow you to export your bookmarks in the standard Netscape-style export format. In Pincone, just go to your Settings page in your team or Personal Pincone and upload that file. We'll start the import process and email you as soon as it's done.

We also added the ability to export your bookmarks from Pincone. You know, for backups. Or if you ever decide to move away from Pincone. Not sure why, though.

Up Next: 💬 Comments

We're hard at work on our next big feature update and that is commenting. 🎉 We think that comments will be great for sparking discussion and adding notes to links. Our goal is to ship commenting in the next two to three weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

Preview screenshot of our commenting feature.
A sneak peek of commenting.

You like this, but you have an idea for a new feature? Feel free to send us an email to hey@pincone.com!

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