Browser Extensions

The Pincone browser extensions makes it super easy to add any link you find on the World Wide Web to your Personal Pincone or one of your teams. Just tap the Pincone icon in your browser, select where you want to add your link, and that's it!

Chrome, Brave and Edge

Our Chromium-based extension works great on all three browsers. Just visit the Chrome Web Store from one of these browsers and follow the instructions.

Download on Chrome Web Store


Our Firefox extensions is literally 🔥. Easily add any link to Pincone without leaving your active tab.

Download on Firefox Add-ons


We are still working on the Pincone extension for Safari. Stay tuned and we'll let you know once it's ready.

Coming Soon

Why is the extension asking me to grant permissions?

In order to read the website URL when you are adding it to Pincone, we need a few default browser permissions so we can make sure the extensions works as intended.

What data do you collect?

We do not collect any data apart from the link you add to Pincone and the data you provide us with when adding the link. Our extension runs in the background, but does not actively collect any data until you go to add the link to Pincone. We will never try to access or collect any other data from you or your browser.

🍪 We use cookies to store small bits of information to improve your browsing experience.

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