May 28th, 2021 • Add links to RSS and Atom feeds and Pincone will automatically fetch content from those websites.


It has always been our idea for Pincone to serve not just as a place to store and share content, but to discover new content as well. Today, we are launching feeds. Feeds are a great way to keep in touch with your favorite sources from all around the web.

What are RSS and Atom Feeds?

RSS (Really-Simple-Syndication) is a technology that allows you to get relevant and up-to-date content from websites and other sources that you follow. Think of it as a news feed that you subscribe to. Atom feeds were built as an alternative to RSS. Pincone supports both!

RSS has been around for more than 20 years and is still one of the best ideas we’ve had for the Web. You can use feeds to keep track of news, blog posts, YouTube videos, job boards, and much more. Pretty much any website that serves a valid RSS or Atom feed can be added to Pincone.

Hint: You can keep track of new Pincone blog posts by adding a feed of our blog posts to your Pincone. 🤯

There's a great article by Marc from atthis.link that expounds upon the virtues of RSS and why he loves it. We greatly recommend it.

How Do Feeds Work?

We want to be upfront and say that Pincone is not a full-fledged RSS reader. There is a wide variety of great RSS readers out there such as Feedly and Inoreader.

As we mentioned at the beginning post, we want Pincone to be a place to discover new content. With our implementation of RSS feeds, we wanted to bridge that gap between an RSS reader and a bookmarking service.

Adding a Feed

Alongside your categories, you now have a dedicated section for all of your or your teams’ feeds. Just grab the RSS or Atom link of the feed you want to add, give it a name and you’re good to go.

Feeds that you add to a team are visible to all the members of that team.

When you’re setting up the feed, you can choose to either start fresh or grab the existing content from that feed.

Easy as 1-2-3.

Discover and Bookmark Content

Now that you’ve added a feed, Pincone will automatically fetch new content from that feed. As you browse the feeds, you can easily go through to read the content or you can add it to one of your Pincone categories. Adding a link to Pincone is a great way to save content that you might want to read or reference at a later time.

Add a link from one of the feeds to your Pincone.

Pin Feeds

Feeds are sorted alphabetically, but we wanted you to have an easy way to see your favorite feeds. That’s why you can pin a feed and it will automatically be added to the top of your feed list.

Pinning feeds that are part of a team will only pin that feed for yourself. This way, everyone can float their favorite feeds to the top separately.

You can organize your feeds by pinning them.

With the implementation of feeds, we’ve now laid the groundwork for you to discover new content relevant to you.

We hope you'll enjoy using feeds and we'd love to hear your feedback. Get in touch over email or Twitter!

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