April 29th • Say hello to Pincone Inboxes – your go-to spot for organizing and accessing your favorite newsletters.


We’re excited to share a brand new feature in Pincone – inboxes! 💌

What are Inboxes?

Inboxes are Pincone’s newest feature making it possible to receive newsletters and emails within Pincone, to an inbox of your choosing. No more cluttering your personal or professional email accounts with dozens of subscriptions! Every inbox that you create in Pincone gets a unique email address that you can use to subscribe to one or more newsletters.

How do I do it?

Easy-peasy! 🍋

We’ll get you started in three simple steps:

  1. In your Pincone, tap on + New in the "Content" box in your sidebar.

  2. Click on New Inbox and give it a name of your choice.

  3. Copy the unique email address for this inbox and use it to subscribe to any newsletter out there!

That’s it! If you’re more of a visual person, we've prepared a little video.

To kick you off, here's a few newsletters that we really enjoy getting in our Pincone.

This new update meant a lot of infrastructure work on our side, which is why we’ve also changed our pricing a bit. You can find out more about it in this blog post.

Happy reading! 💛

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