Surprise Me

October 17th, 2022 • Bring back a random item that you previously added to your Pincone. Recall something you've added a long time ago or just spend some time exploring your interests.

Surprise Me

This October, Nicolas Bouliane published an essay titled Digital gardening that really resonated with us. Here's a quote from Nicolas.

A website is a lot like a garden. I spend most of my days tending to my garden. I walk around it aimlessly, plucking dead links, pruning superfluous words, and repotting overgrown paragraphs into their own articles. I neglect some sections and obsess over others.

Over time, as you add more and more items to Pincone, it really does feel similar to a garden. You added something you found inspiring, you added that article from the other day, a friend shared an interesting book with you.

So, we are launching a new feature we call "🎁Surprise Me". It pulls a random link that you saved to your Pincone, one-at-a-time. We think it's a great way to circle back and bring up that inspiring thing, that nice article, or that interesting book that you saved long ago.

I've been using this for a little bit and Pincone surprised me with:

For the new folks joining us, we think this feature works best when you have at least some content in your Pincone. Don't worry, continue adding interesting things to your Pincone and "Surprise Me" will be waiting for you in the drawer once you have more than 30 items.

We hope you like it and we hope it truly is a blast from the past.

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