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Share links and knowledge, privately or with a team.

Keep all of your bookmarks in one place and shared with your team or privately. Organize links into categories, add tags, and keep track of new and interesting content.

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Pincone is packed with features that make it easy to organize and share bookmarks. With others or privately.

Illustration of links with a lock icon indicating privacy.

Personal Pincone

Every customer has access to their own private Pincone with access to all features. Your personal Pincone is 100% free.

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Share with Others

Share links with your team members, family or friends. Keep everyone in the loop and on the same page.

Illustration of two link cards in front of a folder for organization.

Organize Links

Add links to categories, give them a title and description, and tag them to easily reference them later.

Illustration of a magnifier on top of link cards.

Advanced Search

It’s hard to keep track of everything and anything that gets shared! We make it easy to find any link shared on Pincone.

Illustration of a browser window with a large download arrow in front.

Import Bookmarks

Easily migrate your existing bookmarks from browsers or other services.

Illustration of two comment bubbles.


Knowledge sparks conversation! Leave comments and reply to others on every link shared in Pincone.

Coming Soon

You like Pincone, but we seem to be missing a feature that would make you a customer and a loyal fanatic? We’d like to hear from you. Send us an email or tweet at us.


Pincone revolves around sharing links and knowledge with colleagues, friends and family. Basically anyone with an email address! We charge a flat fee* per team, billed either monthly or yearly.

* A flat fee means that we have no per user fees. Feel free to add as many members and as many links.

$5 / month / team

or $50 when paid yearly

Create Account

💛 For small teams up to three members, Pincone is completely free.

Personal Pincone

When you create an account, you automatically get access to your very own personal space, your Personal Pincone.

Add and organize links, tag them and leave comments. Basically, enjoy the full functionality of Pincone with no limitations except that it’s only you in there. And it’s completely free.

Create Account

🎶 Your own. Personal. Pincone.

— sung to the tune of “Personal Jesus”